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Collaborative Law


Collaborative Law is a process of family law resolution that is intended to reduce or eliminate conflict. Unfortunately, many who are facing a potentially contentious family law matter, such as a divorce or child custody dispute, have been conditioned to believe that the only process available is for each party to retain their own attorney and effectively "punch it out" in the courtroom.

This traditional and adversarial approach often leads to substantial collateral damage. Finances can be devastated. Animosity and anger can be generated and may take a lifetime from which to recover. Children can be left feeling alone or worse yet, put in the middle, unimportant or unloved.

The collaborative process seeks to remedy this by focusing on what is truly important to each party and what they have in common with the other, rather than attempting to exploit the differences.

Contentious testimony and litigation are not part of the collaborative process. Instead, each party meets with their own attorney and communications coach, together with other neutral professionals as needed, such as child and financial specialists, to negotiate a settlement that is tailored to the needs of the family, not to the needs of legal precedent.

A successful collaborative process results in a "best case" scenario of maintaining thriving relationships between people who are inextricably linked in many ways but wish to begin living separate of others.

After many years experiencing the devastation of the traditional, contentious and adversarial family law practiced in the courts, Melissa Atteberry is committed to the collaborative process.

Whether you are facing a divorce, a child custody battle or need a prenuptial agreement, call and set an appointment today to discuss how the collaborative process can benefit and improve your situation.

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